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Taking Your Physical Therapy and Athletic Training to the Next Level

Rehab Sooner
  • Reduce impact and pain while you rehab and get back to your normal self.
  • Maintain and develop fitness while rehabilitating from injury or surgery.
  • Build confidence and achieve a quick and full recovery.

Reduce Gravity, Exercise Pain Free
  • Reduce the stress and impact on your joints and muscles while you exercise.
  • Take the pain out of exercise and running by reducing your bodyweight and impact.
  • Keep exercising when an injury, soreness, or painful joints would otherwise keep you off your feet.

Run More, Inure Less
  • Build endurance and leg strength without the usual pounding and impact on your body.
  • Push your training sessions further and longer with less risk of injury.
  • Recover faster after a game, race or hard workout - "active recovery".

Lose Weight, Feel Great
  • Reduce the pain of exercise and increase your cardio.
  • Stay motivated by walking (and even running again) at your target body weight.
  • Experience the joy of exercise with reduced risk of injury.