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We are always looking for qualified people to join our clinic. If you want to work at a place where you're treated like a member of the family then consider working for Strive.


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I have been going to strive for about 2 years and could not be happier with my results. As an aging athlete, I find Strive's training program and unique equipment to be highly useful in keeping me at a physical peak. For those that are not familiar with Woodway, VERT and Keiser products, I'd suggest a drop in to maximize your training experience!
– Michael D.

I have been a client now for almost 2 years and lost nearly 35lbs within the first year. I have gained tremendous strength and feel so full of life now. I love the motivation I receive not only from the great trainers but from other clients I occasionally work with as well.
–Sarala K.

I started bringing in two of my sons to Strive just a couple of months ago. I have seen a great improvement in their strength, flexibility and speed through the training methods used by the staff. Due to the successful training they both have boosted their confidence and are more determined than ever to excel on the field.
–David R.

I have trained at Strive for a year and a half. I came in wanting to lose a little weight and get in to shape. I have obtained my goals with the help of all the trainers here. Recently I had a setback with an injury but have since started coming in for physical therapy to see Grace. She is extremely knowledgeable and with every session I have with her my pain decreases. I expect a quick and full recovery soon and look forward to continuing my experience.
–Rima P.

I have been training at Strive for one year, and by coming in just twice a week to work with the trainer in the small group fitness sessions, have gotten into the best shape of my life! I love not having to worry about working out all week, as long as I make my two scheduled workouts, I stay in great shape. The trainers are first-rate and always make the workouts fun and not boring. They pay attention to safety, and I've not been injured working out there. Also, the atmosphere is very family-friendly and down-to-earth. You will not experience any of the negative aspects of a larger chain gym such as attitudes or people being overly concerned with appearance. For this reason, it's a good place for kids because you know that they will be in a healthy environment.
–Julia B.

I have been going to Strive for more than 2 years. Its the best value in town for working out with personal trainers. Not only is their pricing affordable, they have programs designed to fit various fitness goals whether it be athletic training, losing weight, building muscle or simply staying in shape and being healthy. With their kind of training, you can work out as little as just 3 days a week and still feel the effects of a rigorous work out. And yes they are careful about not causing injuries. It is a small, non-intimidating facility with equipment you won't find in other gyms. I've seen people from all ages training there. If you're serious about working out there is no better place than Strive!
–Chalam T.