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The premier athletes in the Triangle train at Strive Physical Therapy & Fitness. Athletes at Strive are running faster, jumping higher, throwing farther and getting stronger.

Strive combines the core free weight lifts with state of the art isokinetic equipment. The Strive strength coaches have consulted with some of the top strength coaches in the world and have implemented the conjugate method of free weight lifting (w/Box Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift) – implementing maximum effort and dynamic effort days. This type of free weight training will get the athlete their absolute strength. When you combine these types of free weight lifting techniques with our state of the art isokinetic machines (VERT), you get ONE POWERFUL ATHLETE!

Some of the advantages of the isokinetic, computer driven machines are:

  • They allow athletes to train at speeds that are impossible with weights, with no soreness and no risk of injury. The result is a faster, healthier, and more explosive athlete.
  • With free weights, the lifter only recruits muscle fibers maximally at the beginning of the movement. Once the weight gets moving, inertia takes over and muscle recruitment is reduced. With our machines, the computer gives maximal resistance through the full movement, at any speed desired, making the lifter do more work at a faster rate. In fact, athletes typically perform 20 times the foot pounds of work on these machines compared to a workout with free weights! Simply put, doing 20 times the work at up to 10 times the speed develops a faster, more powerful athlete with better endurance. Speed, power, and endurance are crucial for any sport, and our isokinetic machines are the most effective method on Earth for training these attributes.

Overall, athletes have attained the following results training 3 days per week for 90 days at Strive:

  • Increase vertical jump by 3 inches
  • Increase bench press by 10%
  • Increase squat by 15%
  • Improve 40 yard dash time by 2 tenths of a second

Athletes from all sports, ages 11-up, male and female have attained extraordinary results training at Strive!